Vega Group Bell Ceremony was held in Beijing

Vega Group Bell Ceremony was held in Beijing

According to the introduction of Hangzhou Vega Co., Ltd (Vega Pharma Limited), the export subsidiary company of Vega Group, that Vega Group Bell Ceremony to shareholders market was held in Beijing on June the 14th., 2016, This announced that Vega Group entered the capital market formally, with a new round of development climax. The stock name is “ Vega Group”, and the stock code is 836781.

Chairman of Vega Group   Jason Liu

As to Vega Group, landing successfully to the capital market not only the recognition of previous harding working, but also the start for the new journey.
    We are walking in the time tide of fast development,
    Thanks to this great era, gives us more opportunities to create, and to fight!
    Thanks to colleagues, we are fellow travelers!
    Thanks to our customers, you are the driving source of our hard struggling!

Jason Liu and the shareholders rang the bell at the ceremony

Vega Group:certificated with GMP, GMP+, ISO22000, FAMI-QS, etc. Under Vega Group, there are four subsidiaries as following:
Zhejiang Vega: it is professional feed additive and veterinary preparation manufacturer, with annual output of 10000 tons sodium butyrate preparation. It is the largest sodium butyrate manufacturer with most complete range.
   Zhejiang Huijia: it estabilished in 2000, with total annual output of 5000 tons probiotics. And it is the only legal owner of New Feed Additive Certificate of Clostridium Butyricum and Bacillus Licheniformis.
Shenzhou Vega: the first manufacturer in China for the zinc bacitracin, with annual output of 10000 tons zinc bacitracin premix BMD premix.
Zhejiang Minjia: manufacturing base of veterinary raw material and anti-bacteria peptide, with annaul output 3000 tons.
Hangzhou Vega (Vega Pharma): responsible for export business.Including Vega Group products, and trading products like Vitamins, Amino Acids, APIs, Food Additives, etc,with annual export sales volume about 300 million

Group photo of company executives and shareholders


Capital market is an important way for enterprise to broaden its financing channels, and also the most effective power to enhance the competitiveness. The successfully landing to capital market means a milestone for the Vega Group, and is bound to furtherly improve the brand influence, and bring a broader space for development.
The Bell also the horn of second venture of Vega Group. Across the company will fulfill its mission, adhere to its ideals, and spare no efforts to make Vega Group as the influential feed additive enterprise in China, and in the world.

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